Jumat, 14 November 2014

Handicrafts of Brass Calligraphy

We are engaged in the manufacture and sale of craft calligraphy made of brass. Why brass, because brass metal anti-rust, can last decades and has high artistic value because the color that resembles gold. For any maintenance easy to clean with just a cloth

Material: Made of stainless original brass plate
            Frame: Made of wood carving and paint options with delicate gold plated. Finishing
   is done three times so that the color and the wood more durable.
            Products: Handmade or handcrafted with high artistic value

We were there a couple of sizes, namely:
- Super Jumbo (Canvas, Door of the Kaaba, Yasin Roudloh): 142 x 97 cm
- Jumbo: 142 x 83 cm, if The Door of the Ka’aba Jumbo size 125x83 cm
- Kanfas Jar, Calligraphy Mas: 142 x 83 cm
- Kanfas: 130 x 90 cm
- Standard: 142 x 58 cm
- Semi Standard: 125 x 58 cm
- DM Calligraphy 77 Hours: 77 cm diameter circular shape
- DM Calligraphy 55 Hours: 55 cm diameter circular shape
- Small: 77 x 55 cm
- Allah & Muhammad (pair): per unit of size 55 x 35 cm
- Allah & Muhammad (pair): per unit of size 30 x 30 cm



Head Office:
Jln. Sendangsari Utara IV No.70 RT.02 RW.02 Kel.Kalicari Kec.Pedurungan Semarang, Indonesia
Tel. 024 70536669
Email: achmad.ms69@gmail.com

Production Office:
Ds.Kaligaleh RT.02 RW.04 Kel.Kelurahan Kec.Jambu Kab.Semarang

Contact Person:
Ahmad M S    024 70536667/0857 2771 5469
Beladina          0858 6520 2409
Al Dino B       0822 2776 2050